Your Sleep Apnea Treatment

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You have been referred to Fox River Valley Prosthodontics because you have received a diagnosis of sleep apnea from your physician. This article will explain your treatment for sleep apnea with an oral appliance.

Obstructive Sleep Apnea is a serious condition that has been linked to many medical disorders and can result in daytime sleepiness irregular heartbeat, high blood pressure, and occasionally heart attack and stroke.

It is absolutely necessary that you continue under the care of your physician and dentist while using the oral appliance provided Fox River Valley Prosthodontics. Your provider at Fox River Valley Prosthodontics is not a medical doctor and cannot confirm your diagnosis of sleep apnea or determine whether your sleep apnea is becoming progressively more serious.

Please note you are ultimately responsible for payment for services. No guarantee that insurance benefits will apply can be made.

Sleep Apnea – Important information about your diagnosis and treatment

Oral appliances may be helpful in the treatment of Sleep Apnea. Those diagnosed with mild or moderate Sleep Apnea are better candidates for improvement with this therapy than those severely affected. No guarantees or promises can be made to you concerning the effectiveness of the oral appliance.

Your oral appliance is designed to assist breathing by keeping the lower jaw and tongue forward, thereby opening the airway space in the throat. The appliance comes in two parts, a unit to be worn over the upper teeth and a unit to be worn over the lower teeth. The appliance has metal and/or plastic components for moving the jaw forward to increase the airway while sleeping and the appliance may be adjusted to reduce the forward position of the jaw should the need arise. Do not make or allow anyone, other than Dr. Glapa, your provider, to make any adjustments or modifications to your oral appliance. Only the adjustments taught to you by Dr. Glapa are acceptable. We are not responsible for any results following any other adjustments to your appliance.

As with any treatment, there are possible complications you may experience. You may not be able to tolerate the appliance in your mouth. Many individuals also develop adverse side effects such as dry mouth or excessive salivation, sore jaw joints, sensitive teeth and a change in the “bite”. However these symptoms usually diminish after removal of the appliance in the morning. In certain instances, a permanent change in your but may occur.

Your appliance will need adjustments as well as eventual replacement. You are responsible for the cost of replacement and all repairs of the appliance. Oral appliances can wear and break and the rare possibility that you may swallow or aspirate a piece, or all, of the appliance does exist.

Your appliance must be worn nightly to be effective. Your appliance needs to be checked at least one to three times a year to ensure proper fit.

If any unusual symptoms occur, discontinue use of your oral appliance and schedule an office visit immediately so that we may evaluate. You should also notify yours physician and personal dentist of such symptoms. As with any form of medical or dental treatment, usual occurrences can happen. Fractured, loosened or dislodged teeth and/or dental restorations, mouth sores, periodontal problems, root canals, muscle spasms, and/or ear problems are all possible occurrences. These complications are rare, but theoretically may occur.

Absolute patient cooperation is necessary to ensure the effectiveness of your oral appliance. You should diligently follow the instructions regarding use of your oral appliance and scheduling and attending of appointments. If you discontinue follow up appointments, you should also discontinue use of the oral appliance and notify our office as well as your sleep physician so anew treatment plan may be discussed.

You should feel free to ask any questions you may have regarding your oral appliance of sleep apnea. By wearing your oral appliance, you voluntarily assume any and all possible risks of substantial harm that may be associated with its use. You are responsible for the cost of any medical or dental treatment necessary due to complications from your use of the appliance. Other than what we have recommended there are other techniques and treaments which we have discussed with you. We are availabnle to further discuss and answer any questions you may have about these alternative treatments.

You consent to the use of photographs and x-rays for the purpose of research and education. Any x-rays or scans are being evaluated solely for the purpose of providing Sleep Apnea evaluation and treatment. Dr. Glapa has no responsibility for the evaluation interpretation, diagnosis or referral to any health are professional based on images or anatomy unrelated to treatment with this office. Evaluations unrelated to Sleep Apnea will require the services of other health care providers.